Parents » Title I Family Involvement Policy, 2018-2019

Title I Family Involvement Policy, 2018-2019

Title I Family Involvement Policy

Norwood Elementary

Revised:  Fall 2018

Norwood Elementary School shall:

-Hold an annual meeting to inform community and families about the Title I program.

-Have a flexible number of meetings/workshops/conferences at different times that will lead to improved student achievement.

-First Nine Week Conference

-Involve families in the planning, review, and improvement of the School/Parent Compact, the Family Involvement Policy and other school programs.

-Give families timely information about the progress of their student through parent/teacher conferences, phone conferences, teacher web pages, Class DoJo, or other means of communication

-Have parents/guardians, teachers, and students sign a School/Parent Compact

-Give opportunities for families to participate in their child’s school along with providing funds for necessary materials

-Provide all families with access to NC Parent Portal and other web-based resources

-Help families understand all national, state, and local student performance standards and assessments through community-based meetings and written information, to the extent possible, in a language families understand

-Provide opportunities for participation in school activities for all families, including parents with disabilities, limited English proficiency

-Hold informational sessions for families and parent/teacher conferences at flexible times to help them with their children’s education

-Have a family involvement resource center where materials are provided to help enhance students’ education

-Offer opportunities for families to give suggestions for improvement of school/academic programs

-Work with school staff to insure all personnel understand the value of family involvement

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) formerly known as No Child Left Behind Act, Title I Part A is a federal program that provides additional money to qualifying schools for the purpose of improving students academic performance.  Norwood School recognizes the critical role of families in the education of their children. All parents/guardians are encouraged to learn about the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and their child’s progress toward meeting these academic standards, including but not limited to assessments.  Norwood Elementary encourages families to be team players in the education of their children by providing activities such as parent conferences and training sessions to promote the effective communication and to foster greater involvement for the purpose of increasing student achievement.

All parent/guardians along with students and teachers, will be provided the opportunity to sign a compact or promise that we will do our best to help students succeed.  The compact identifies certain things we each can do to be sure that every student meets academic performance standards.

The Norwood Elementary School Title I program reaches out to all families in a team building effort as we comply with all Federal requirements of ESSA.